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Objectives Of APSDPS

  1. Initiating studies and research on current socio-political and economic status quo, designing alternative potential / prospective paths of development and orient the quantum and field of operations to facilitate optimal development options
  2. Generating Sector Wise appraisals and reviews with the help from the current data and database (both tabular & GIS based) generated from associate units of the Planning Department, that will identify the gaps and generate action points
  3. Generating alternative innovative strategies, designs and analysis on varied issues and sectors will be encouraged and the same shared with the public at large through the website
  4. Conducting gap and growth analysis of the State’s Economic and Social Sectors and carry out modelling, making projections, forecasting and result framework based outcome monitoring to support Annual and Five Year Planning in the state in coordination with the Planning and Monitoring Units of line Departments.
  5. Carrying out pilot projects, conduct or coordinate research in emerging and critical areas of State’s Economic and Social Sectors
  6. Generating vulnerability mapping for all types of disasters for the State, District, Mandals and Villages and prepare Disaster Mitigation plans and integrate them with the regular planning process at State, District and Panchayat levels
  7. Building a strong, reliable and accurate disaster warning dissemination system that can reach out to the communities at the lowest territorial units using all possible types of communications systems
  8. Analysing climate change impacts in the state and preparing State, District ,Mandal and Panchayat level climate change mitigation and adaptation plans with active participation of all stakeholders