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Early Warning Center

Instrumentation unit of Disaster Mitigation of APSDPS is one of the foremost units that were created in 2003 in the original Project that the World Bank initiated in Andhra Pradesh. The unit has achieved admirable precision in predicting cyclones & floods and disseminates information on water levels that is regularly used by other allied government departments. The unit under guidance of the head Mr. Manga Rao has attained national acceptance.

Andhra Pradesh Government established an Early Warning Center (EWC) to forewarn people about cyclones and floods based on mathematical models. The Early Warning Center frame work involves running of weather forecasting models supported by real time acquisition of data on a number of weather related parameters. To facilitate data collection APSDPS has installed 1599 Automated Weather Stations (AWS), 92 river gauges, 5 coastal stations and 76 reservoir level recorders across the state to acquire data on real time basis. The AWS measures 6 weather parameters - Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Atmospheric Pressure, Humidity and Temperature at every one hour interval and transmits it in the form of SMS using GSM technology. Presently, at least one AWS for each mandal is installed. River gauges measures the water level in the river at that particular location and transmits data at hourly interval using satellite technology. This data is being used by various government agencies like Agriculture Department, Disaster Management, Irrigation department, Energy Department etc., for proper planning and implementation of varied government programs and schemes. AWS data is also being used by Agriculture Insurance Company of India for implementation of Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) for various crops in the districts.