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AP Government had established the AP State Disaster Mitigation Society (APSDMS) after the APHM & ECR project that was funded by the World Bank got over in 2003. After the completion of the project APHM & ECR Project which was funded by the World Bank, APSDMS was established as Society that came into effect from 1.3.2003 under the administrative control of Planning Department. It was entrusted to take up Disaster Mitigation studies relating to Rainfall, Run-off, Flood Forecasting, Cyclone model for Track, Wind and Storm Surge forecast to improve the early warning capabilities of State on natural disasters. The society in course of its working also started studies on Coastal Zone Management, Delta Water management, Preparation of Disaster Management Plans related to Cyclone, Drought and Earthquakes as part of its long term mitigation measures.

After almost 10 years of its existence, APSDMS was restructured and re-named as Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society (APSDPS) with effect from 01-04-2012, with modified by-laws and structure...

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